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Hyundai photovoltaic panels are a high-quality product of the Hyundai Energy Solutions brand, one of the main entities of the powerful and respected company Hyundai Heavy Industries, founded in 1972. In our warehouse, we offer modern Hyundai photovoltaic panels, distinguished by, among others, above-average resistance to weather conditions and corrosion and a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty.


JA Solar Holdings Co. Ltd. is a leading global manufacturer of high-quality photovoltaic products based in Shanghai, China. Since 2010, the company has been a leading manufacturer of cells in the world and has established itself as a supplier of modules of the so-called „cells”. Tier 1.’s Level 1.


Based on Trina Solar’s leading multi-wire technology, Vertex panels use 210mm silicon cells, non-destructive cutting, and high-density connection technologies that together achieve a output of 670W and a module efficiency of 21.6%. Thanks to low voltage and higher output power, the new Vertex series unlocks the huge potential to further reduce the system cost balance.


Longi Solar is one of the leaders in the production of photovoltaic panels in the world. The company started with the production of silicon wafers, which it still sells to other PV manufacturers today, and from 2017 under the name Longi Solar decided to produce complete PV batteries. The combination of these two sectors of operation makes Longi Solar an independent company, producing panels from A to Z. Plus with huge production capabilities. The panels use the most modern solutions and technologies found on the market: PERC cells, half cut technology, overlap technology.


Photovoltaic inverters were mainly used to convert energy obtained from the sun into useful electricity in homes, companies and networks. Their role was limited to managing energy generation by individual photovoltaic systems. However, SolarEdge has recognized the potential of inverters in intelligent energy management, while helping the world decarbonize energy production. Aiming to improve the way we produce and consume energy, SolarEdge leads efforts to transform a photovoltaic inverter into an intelligent energy management device.


Solar inverter is an extremely important element of any photovoltaic installation. It converts direct current into alternating current. The inverter converts energy from photovoltaic panels to one that can be used at home or in a company.

One of the leaders in the PV converter industry is SMA. Solar inverters from this manufacturer are distinguished by high efficiency, durability and easy installation and operation. SMA offers transformer and transformer-free inverters for photovoltaic panels.


With power classes from 3.0 to 20.0 kW, the three-phase transformerless inverter Fronius Symo is an ideal device for use in installations of all sizes. Thanks to the SuperFlex Design design, the Fronius Symo device is optimally suited for curved roofs or roofs of various construction.

A standard connection to the Internet via WLAN or Ethernet interface and the ability to easily integrate third-party components makes Fronius Symo one of the most „communicative” inverters available on the market. In addition, the meter connector allows dynamic power management and clear visualization of consumption.


Huawei inverter is primarily high quality, efficiency and reliability, as well as a wide range of devices from which we can choose the right one for our photovoltaic installation. The variety of Huawei inverters means that we can adjust them both to various sizes of PV installations, which makes the offer of this manufacturer quite universal.


FoxESS Co., Ltd to producent falowników fotowoltaicznych i magazynów energii, należący do światowego potentata z listy Global Fortune 500 – Tsingshan Group, koncentrującej się na dostarczaniu najwyższej jakości produktów do zastosowań w branży OZE. W Polsce marka dostępna jest od stycznia 2021 r. za pośrednictwem spółki FoxESS Polska Sp. z o.o. Dzięki niej na rodzimym rynku pojawiły się nowoczesne falowniki, gotowe do rozbudowy o magazyny energii.


Many possibilities available using only a few components: KOSTAL inverters can be used flexibly and suitable for any PV system. Photovoltaic systems that are individually tailored to the needs. Repeatedly awarded for their performance, all inverters are characterized by the quality you expect from KOSTAL, regardless of whether it is a solar, hybrid or battery inverter. For PV systems that have everything you need for efficient power generation. Individual powers from 1.5 to 36 kW: an ideal solution for use in private homes and companies.


GoodWe jest wiodącą i strategicznie myślącą firmą, która koncentruje się na projektowaniu i produkcji falowników fotowoltaicznych oraz rozwiązań związanych z zasobnikami energii. W 2018 roku firma sprzedawała średnio 30 000 urządzeń miesięcznie. W ponad 100 krajach zainstalowano na dachach domów, w instalacjach komercyjnych i systemach magazynowania energii falowniki GoodWe o łącznej mocy 12 GW. Od 2018 roku na rynku dostępne są serie GoodWe ET i ES, pod którymi kryją się falowniki hybrydowe zaprojektowane specjalnie z myślą o stosowaniu razem z akumulatorami.


If you are looking for the best quality inverters, the Sungrow brand is an excellent choice. Sungrow is a leader in the photovoltaic inverter industry and offers its customers innovative and reliable solutions. The Sungrow brand offers inverters for homes, businesses and photovoltaic power plants.

Sungrow offers a wide range of inverters with different capacities and functionalities, so that every customer can find the perfect product for their needs. Sungrow brand inverters are characterised by reliability and long life, as well as high efficiency, which translates into energy and money savings. The Sungrow brand offers both single-phase and three-phase inverters, including hybrid inverters for battery charging. Sungrow brand inverters are characterised by their ease of installation and operation, making them ideal for installers and users.

All Sungrow brand inverters are designed with the environment in mind and are manufactured to the highest quality standards. All inverter models comply with international safety standards and norms. Translated with (free version)


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